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"Milkymap enabled us to turn data into a solid presentation, which helped us to offer a much better service to our clients and increase our conversion ratio"

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The Case & Patient Journey

In order to give patients a personal experience, in which they feel safe, confident and understood, this dentist wished to get better insights about the patient journey.

Data Collection & Insights

Interviews with patients were held to collect data about their experience and wellbeing regarding their appointments. Call logs were reviewed to make the picture complete.

Mapping the Journey with Milkymap

Milkymap was used to create the different touchpoints, addressing the various emotions and levels of satisfaction patients were experiencing, using icons, graphs and parameters.

Presentation & Output

With only a few clicks the individual touchpoints were converted into an impressive presentation allowing the identification of improvement points along the journey.

Optimization of the Journey

The ideal patient journey was also designed, which then was used as a clear guideline to make the patient feel more confident, safer and to enhance the overall patient experience.

Evaluation and Review

Due to Milkymap the dentist was able to get a better understanding of the needs of her patients and their emotions, enabling to make the overall experience more convenient.

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