Reed Elsevier

Optimizing processes in three countries for improving Customer Experience.

Elsevier is a Dutch information and analytics company and one of the world’s major providers of scientific, technical, and medical information. It was established in 1880 as a publishing company. Elsevier’s products and services include the entire academic research lifecycle, including software and data-management, instruction and assessment tools including the Mendeley research tool. Mendeley is part of Reed Elsevier.

Within the Mendeley division, Elsevier identified issues in their customer contact. Ticketing and cases going from the customer to the first line, second line and resolution of the customer’s requests. The project was aimed at creating impact on the teams and demonstrating that things must and could be optimized. How can we help customers better, faster and more efficient? We delivered the results in three months, working in Amsterdam and London.

What Mendeley wondered:

  • How can we implement a new taxonomy for the knowledge base, contact reasons as customer journey taxonomy. How can we make the information “findable” by users?
  • How can we better integrate customer support process through chat conversations into one system?
  • How can we optimize communication between technology, product and customer support generating a more efficient process from development to operation?
  • How can we improve incident handling by developers in a way that they can be more customer centred?

The Milkymap solution

  • An analysis phase where Milkymap with interviews, observations and data analysis could create an overview of the current situation, departments and customer processes.
  • Looked into the dynamics of relations between teams, differences and common ground.
  • Visualization of the current and future state of processes.
  • Milkymap looked into systems and digital tools that are used, how they are used and what the best way of working is.