Power of purpose

Why do you exist? Let’s find out together!

Research shows that organizations with strong sense of purpose considerably outperform the market and better attract and retain their talent. So, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find purpose and true meaning in our personal lives and in our work?

Together we will explore what it means to work and lead with purpose.


In a one-day workshop, together with your team, Conexperience will be able to bridge individual and collective drives in order to put your purpose into words. This stimulates organizations to grow based on shared values and translating purpose into positive action.



Touching people in the full spectrum of their fundamental drives gives a sense of belonging and mobilizes behaviour towards positive transformation so you and your team can become more aware of how they can focus on what really matters.

Customer Excellence

Continuous improvement of internal processes from a customer and business perspective with the aim to improve the customer experience.


By analyzing data, qualitative research and visualizing customer processes, it is possible to improve customer experience. These improvements influence customer value and business value. We do this with workshops, templates, visualisations, presentations and interactive session. We developed a 7 phase toolkit, working in a multidisciplinary team.



Processes that are optimized on the basis of customer experiences will be tailored to the customer so that customers feel that the company has understood what they want. This results in an increase in the customer experience. Service is where your organization meets the world. Learn to design moments that people will never forget, including a company culture that continuously carries this forward.

"By putting our purpose into words and visualizing it, we can now focus on what really matters and grow our business."

Connie Mölders –  CO-Founder