Launching our Galaxy 2.0 platform for Enterprises


On April 19th, we launched our new and improved Customer Experience Management platform for enterprises. We’re extremely excited about enabling organisations to visualize, manage, and scale their CX through the updated Galaxy

Galaxy 2.0 Customer Journey Map

Benefits of the Galaxy, our Customer Experience Management platform

The Galaxy is our Customer Experience Management platform for enterprises. It allows you to manage CX in complex environments in a number of ways:

  • Structure Customer Experience into a comprehensive overview and connect multiple Customer Journeys using our unique CX Life Cycle Model.
  • Collaborate with other users within your organisation’s account by viewing their Customer Journey maps, providing feedback, and using admin modules for uniformity.
  • Use the secure, GDPR-compliant, data-connector to connect your CX data from different platforms.


New functionalities

In addition to these existing features getting a fresh makeover, we’ve added a number of features that will help you elevate your Customer Experience.

  • By adding widgets at an overall journey level or lanes at an Episode or Touchpoint level, there are now more options than ever to add content to your Milkymaps. This means that the same information, like an NPS-score, can be included for the entire Customer Journey, for a specific Episode in that journey, or for a detailed Touchpoint within an Episode. Milkymaps can be as detailed as you like, with the option to emphasize information by using labels and icons.
  • We’ve added dimensions to the platform, that can be linked to Customer Journey Maps. These are set up for the entire organisation in an admin module, enabling easier sorting and filtering of Milkymaps. There are currently three different dimensions: Customer Segments, Brands, and Products.
  • Another new admin module that ensures more comparability between Customer Journey Maps is the ‘Defined KPIs’. By standardizing the organisations’ KPIs, it becomes easier to compare the performance of different Customer Journeys or elements within them.
  • The security of our platform has also gotten an upgrade, to create an éven safer environment. GDPR-compliant and therefore suitable for all your customer data and insights.

Are you excited to find out how the renewed Galaxy can help your organisation take the next step in Customer Experience? Book a demo to see all the new features in action and to discuss how the Galaxy 2.0 can benefit your organisation.