Milkymap and Kirkman Company collaborate to assist customer-centric transformation


partnership Milkymap & Kirkman CompanyAn increasing number of organisations is working on developing their Customer Experience. This development brings a number of challenges surrounding subjects like data, culture, structure, methodology and tooling. Starting today, Milkymap and Kirkman Company will collaborate and combine their expertise to support organisations in their Customer Experience development. 

Organisations usually start working on Customer Experience by researching their customers and creating a clear overview of their wants and needs. This is often done by researching and visualizing Customer Journeys. After visualizing these, priorities and improvement ideas will be set based on the Customer Journey Maps. In the next stage of Customer Experience development, many organisations want to integrate data into the Customer Journey Mapping methodology and extend it to different departments. Most Customer Journeys don’t just impact one department, meaning other departments needed to be included too.  

To effectively work on improving Customer Experience across different departments, a customer-centric transformation is needed. Especially in larger organisations, this transformation can be complex as you’ll either need to maintain or create a clear overview of Customer Experience. To maintain a clear overview when working on Customer Experience, you’ll need a uniform way of working across the entire organisation, that is supported by company culture and tooling amongst other things. It is important to offer structure, but otherwise, maintain flexibility to use customer insights.

In addition to wanting to structure Customer Experience, the need also arises to apply, compare and use data as a foundation for numerous choices. By seamlessly integrating data with Customer Journeys that have been created, a positive impact can be made for the customer.

Partnership between Milkymap and Kirkman Company

Milkymap’s Galaxy platform offers the entire organisation the opportunity to visualize Customer Experience in an organized way. Different departments and teams can create and compare Customer Journey Maps. Both qualitative and quantitative customer insights can be used in visualisations, monitoring performance and identifying improvement opportunities. 

Kirkman Company specializes in implementing Customer Experience in organisations, based on their CX Framework. By bringing people, knowledge and the necessary means together, Customer Experience can successfully land and grow in the organisation. It is important for the organisation to learn how to apply knowledge and tooling independently to gain valuable insights and improve based on those. 

To comprehend customer needs, communicate a clear understanding of those needs and act on them effectively, a clear Customer Journey Mapping methodology, tooling and data are essential. Together, Milkymap and Kirkman Company can collaborate and provide the platform, knowledge and experience to support organisations when taking their next steps in Customer Experience. If you want to generate a positive impact on your customers and develop in the field of Customer Experience, just get in touch