Milkymap en Koos Service Design join forces for superior Customer Experience


At Milkymap, we believe customers should take center stage in every organization. Beginners or already more advanced, we want to offer everyone the right tools to navigate the world of customer experience. Today we’re announcing a partnership with Koos Service Design, a step we’re incredibly excited about! We believe this collaboration will allow us to offer customers at various organizations an éven better experience.

In our SaaS platform, organizations can visualize, share and improve their customer experience. Employees with various backgrounds and expertise can collaborate to gain insights into customer experience in a uniform way. Users can structure their organization-wide efforts related to customer experience using the CX Life Cycle Model. By incorporating data in the platform, people can track performance at the customer journey, touchpoint, or CX Life Cycle stage level. Opportunities for improvement become easy to identify and prioritize.

Koos Service Design’s strengths correspond to all of this well. Koos Service Design believes the world can be improved through design. With their multidisciplinary team, they help clients with varying backgrounds make the world that bit nicer, better or easier. They apply their knowledge and skills in Service Design, UX, organizational science, and data science to advise clients on optimal customer experience.

Milkymap and Koos Service Design partnership announcement for superior Customer Experience

But what’s the added value of this collaboration?

By joining forces, Milkymap and Koos Service Design can take CX to a new level. With the expertise from Koos’ team and the data-driven Milkymap platform, we allow clients to visualize and manage their own customer experience. We’ll help develop and implement the CX Life Cycle Model as the framework for all customer experience-related efforts within the organization. Koos will support organizations in the process of becoming more customer-centric by offering knowledge and practical skills. Together we’ll help teams develop the necessary skills and structure to optimize their customer experience.

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