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Milkymap has several proven methodologies for optimising Customer Experience. With consultancy and innovative workshops, we help organisations to see, feel, touch en improve the experiences of customers.

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Share the vision for your service using tools that help align and inspire others.

Together we can create experiences that meet the functional and emotional needs of customers. It’s about creating magic by finding moments to surprise and delight your customers in ways that they’ll never forget.​

Total Customer Experience Management

  • CX Strategy
  • CX Data science
  • CX Cultuur

Customer Experience Design

  • Journey Mapping
  • Employee Journey Mapping
  • Service Prototyping


  • Context Mapping
  • Empathy Maps
  • Customer Arena
  • Customer Safari

Service Design Innovation

  • Power of Purpose
  • Customer Excellence

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Did you know that 80% of the companies claim to have built their company around the customer. However, only 6% of the customers feels truly heard and seen. Somewhere along the way we lose their needs out of sight. It’s time to truly focus on our customers.

(Source: Forrester, 2018)


Companies that consider themselves customer centred


Customers that feel heard and seen