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Free customer journey mapping tool

Visualize your Customer Journeys

Design, share and improve your Customer Experience. Improve collaboration in your organization and build a business that is loved by every customer.

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Create stunning Customer Journey Maps in minutes

The tool is simple to use, so not only the experts can make visualize Customer Experience, but also the less experienced mappers. MilkyMap is straight forward, to-the-point, intuitive and has lots of design. MilkyMap works for every sector and is intended for everyone.

Make your customers matter most

Customer Journey mapping has never been easier and more powerful – be a mapping master, share your insights, boost collaboration in your organization and aim for the highest customer satisfaction.


Indicate and visualize each touchpoint of the Customer Journey into detail, with text, satisfaction indicators, photos and more. Design impressive Customer Journey Maps within 4 minutes.


Use different templates and designs. Convert the Customer Journey Maps into stunning presentations in a few seconds. Adjust the presentation as you wish and present your findings with confidence.


Use different formats and add personal notes. Share the Customer Journey Maps with the rest of the company. Make your data easy to digest and enhance collaboration within your organization.


Analyze your data in-depth. Share knowledge and skills with the Milkymap community through gamification. Implement changes and improve each touchpoint as needed. Aim for the highest customer satisfaction and gratifying results.

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Milkymap: making customers matter most

80% of the companies claim to have built their company around the customer. However, only 6% of the customers feels truly heard and seen. Somewhere along the way we lose their needs out of sight. It’s time to truly focus on our customers, offering them the greatest Customer Journeys. Founder Danny Peters and Olf Uineken share their thoughts.
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