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Milkymap - The Only Customer
Journey Mapping Tool You Need

It all starts with customers and the first step to exceed their expectations is to know what those expectations are.

Turn data into a beautifully designed presentation today. With Milkymap, you can create templates, visualize customer journey maps in minutes, share it with the team, managing only one version, and have an overview of the entire Customer Journey. Listen to your customers’ activity across every channel and touchpoint – whether digital, call center, or in-store – and build a genuine omnichannel view of behavior. It works for every sector and is intended for everyone.

Visualize The
Customer Experience

Today’s customers demand outstanding service, and anyone who fails in delivering a seamless customer experience will lose them right on the spot. With the Milkymap customer journey mapping tool, you can achieve long-term customer engagement and optimize conversion rates by identifying their pain points, predicting, and influencing their behavior.

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Milkymap - Collaborate Online With Others And Improve CX

Map journey of your customers, improve CX and manage customer lifecycle with ease.

Discover the real customer journey of your customers

Experience the intentions and emotions of your customers

Design, share, and improve the customer experience

Collaborate online with others to boost overall customer experience

Ensure that your brand delivers value with every interaction

Visualize and map the customer journey at each funnel stage

Create, share and present journey maps, insights, and customer quotes

Access to unlimited Milkymaps and share Milkymaps with others

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