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About Us

About Us

Danny Peters
Danny has been working in the world of Customer Experience Management for over 20 years. He started optimizing customer processes in contact centers and has become one of the Dutch’s most respected specialists in Customer Experience. Danny developed a thoughtful methodology ‘Customer Journey Mapping in 6 Steps’, which enables professionals to visualize the client journey and improve the operations that deliver products and services. He has been using this methodology in his consultancy, Conexperience, with evident success. To become scalable and as a way to fulfil his dream of getting everyone to be customer centric, Danny has translated his methodology into the Milkymap platform, where he hopes to reach millions, get everyone mapping and of course to ultimately raise the bar for the entire Customer Experience field.

Olf Uineken
In the past 25 years, Olf has become a broad-based strategic advisor and specialist in the area of Customer Service and ICT. His focus is process optimization and design of the underlying technical infrastructure. It integrates all aspects of ICT such as software development, network infrastructure, e-commerce, Reporting & Analytics. In the past 10 years, Olf Uineken has played an important role in the (re)organization of the customer service and the underlying technical infrastructure. He makes a difference through his drive, ownership of opinion and persuasiveness and is the technical brain behind the Milkymap infrastructure and the art and science of designing and delivering valuable technology strategy.

Annelise Scholl
Annelise has a Master’s Degree in Design Management and Innovation with a focus on Luxury Brands from University of the Arts, London. She is passionate about brand values and business working in favor of positive human evolution; happiness, wellbeing, socio-environmental balance and human connection. As Communication Designer, Annelise applies Design Thinking strategies to Customer Experience and Service Design methodologies. With her experience in marketing and brand strategy, she is also in charge of our external communication, sharing our knowledge and experiences with the outer world.

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