About us

We work with your organisation to improve the Customer Experience and build a business that is loved by both customers and employees.

The People behind Milkymap

Where Talent Meets Customer-Centric Design

We work with your organisation to improve the Customer Experience and build a business that is loved by both customers and employees.

Our methodology uses a human-centred, design-based approach, where insights are gathered by using empathy as a tool and placing employees in the shoes of the customer.

By using Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design thinking, Milkymap identifies bottlenecks in business processes and empowers your employees to make smarter, better educated daily decisions so they can deliver better customer experiences and ultimately generate sustained business growth.

Milkymap works with clients, patients, citizens, students and employees, each and every one of them ‘customers’ in a specific environment. The Milkymap approach is universal and can be adapted for all target groups.

WHo We Are

Our Team

Danny Peters

As a co-founder and our navigator in Marketing, Sales, and Consultancy, Danny aims to launch Milkymap and its clients into the cosmos of customer-centricity. He’s the captain of our ship, steering us to build best-in-class SaaS solutions that help businesses not just reach for the stars but also understand the constellations of their customer experiences.

Why Milkymap?
For Danny, Milkymap is more than a company; it’s a space mission. A mission to transform organizations into customer-centric powerhouses that operate from an ‘outside-in’ perspective. He’s all about achieving interstellar impact, both for our team and for our clients’ customer bases.

When not piloting the Milkymap spaceship, Danny enjoys playing games and doing sports.

Best CX Quote “In the age of automation, it’s not just about being faster and more efficient. It’s about being smarter, more personalized, and deeply integrated into our clients’ workflows.”

In a universe often seduced by the speed of light, Danny reminds us that customer experience is about the quality of the journey as much as the destination.

It’s about creating star maps that are not just accurate but also deeply insightful. Discover Danny, the visionary co-pilot you want for your own journey through the customer experience cosmos.

Olf Uineken

As the master architect behind Milkymap’s innovative structure, Olf is our CFO & CTO. Think of him as our onboard Space Engineer, guiding our ship through the complexities of technology and finance. He focuses on building a powerful architecture that acts as a warp drive for organizations, propelling them from traditional setups to futuristic, customer-centric models.

Why Milkymap?
Olf envisions Milkymap as the spacecraft that will escort businesses into a new frontier—where customer experience isn’t just a satellite but the very core around which companies revolve. He’s passionate about guiding this transformation, crafting seamless customer journeys that feel like an elegant waltz through the Milky Way.

When Olf isn’t busy with interstellar planning at Milkymap, he’s captivated by earthly architecture and home construction. He appreciates the design and build process, much like crafting a well-engineered spaceship.

For Olf, the customer experience journey should echo a small village shop’s intimate, tailored approach, even if we’re aiming for the stars.

It’s all about creating customer interactions that don’t just reach high but also touch deep.

Manon van Poelwijk

Tobias Kemp

As the Head of Customer Success, Tobias serves as the compass that guides our clients through the intricate cosmos of customer experience. Armed with expertise in relationship and growth management, he is committed to helping clients unlock the full potential of their customer journeys. By working hand-in-glove with our valued partners, he ensures seamless integration and drives measurable results, making sure that their Milkyway to customer-centricity is star-studded.

Why Milkymap?
Tobias is with Milkymap because it lets him fulfill his passion for enhancing customer experiences. He’s thrilled to be part of a journey where understanding the customer’s path is not just a philosophy but the core of business success.

When not captaining the ship of Customer Success, you might find him on the rugby field or basketball court, demonstrating the same leadership and teamwork he brings to Milkymap. And for a little thrill? Bungee jumping into the void, of course!

Best CX Quote “The key is to set realistic customer expectations and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them—preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” – Richard Branson

Tobias lives by this quote, always striving to exceed client expectations in ways that are as surprising as a twist in a space-time continuum.

Contact Tobias to journey through your customer experience universe. With him as your navigator, be prepared for a voyage that exceeds all expectations.

Jesse Hunter – Head of Growth

Jesse is the cosmic engineer fine-tuning the rocket engines that propel Milkymap and its clients to new galaxies of customer satisfaction. With a passion for providing top-notch customer experience, he believes nothing drains energy like a customer left “on hold.” At Milkymap, he thrives on building strong relationships with businesses and crafting a more streamlined connection between them and their customers.

Why Milkymap?
Jesse’s decision to work for Milkymap orbits around his love for enhancing customer experiences and his desire to be part of an awesome team. It’s not just about reaching for the stars; it’s also about enjoying the journey with a crew of like-minded explorers.

When he’s not navigating the universe of customer experience, Jesse finds joy in earthly pursuits. He is an outdoors enthusiast who loves kitesurfing and golfing. Beyond that, he’s an audiophile and an adventurer, cherishing new experiences and quality time with friends.

Best CX Quote
“Treat your customers like they own you. Because they do.”

Jesse takes this quote to heart, steering the ship of Milkymap’s growth with the understanding that the gravity pulling us forward is the satisfaction and ownership of our customers.

For a transformative customer experience journey that’s out of this world, connect with Jesse. His expertise ensures that your business doesn’t just aim for the stars but actually lands among them.