About us

We work with your organisation to improve the Customer Experience and build a business that is loved by both customers and employees.

The People behind Milkymap

About us

We work with your organisation to improve the Customer Experience and build a business that is loved by both customers and employees.

Our methodology uses a human-centred, design-based approach, where insights are gathered by using empathy as a tool and placing employees in the shoes of the customer.

By using Customer Journey Mapping and Service Design thinking, Milkymap identifies bottlenecks in business processes and empowers your employees to make smarter, better educated daily decisions so they can deliver better customer experiences and ultimately generate sustained business growth.

Milkymap works with clients, patients, citizens, students and employees, each and every one of them ‘customers’ in a specific environment. The Milkymap approach is universal and can be adapted for all target groups.

WHo We Are

Our Team

Danny Peters

Danny has been working in the world of Customer Experience Management for over 20 years. He started optimizing customer processes in contact centers and has become one of the Dutch’s most respected specialists in Customer Experience. Danny developed a thoughtful methodology ‘Customer Journey Mapping in 6 Steps’, which enables professionals to visualize the client journey and improve the operations that deliver products and services. He has been using this methodology in his consultancy, Conexperience, with evident success. To become scalable and as a way to fulfil his dream of getting everyone to be customer centric, Danny has translated his methodology into the Milkymap platform, where he hopes to reach millions, get everyone mapping and of course to ultimately raise the bar for the entire Customer Experience field.

Olf Uineken

In the past 25 years, Olf has become a broad-based strategic advisor and specialist in the area of Customer Service and ICT. His focus is process optimization and design of the underlying technical infrastructure. It integrates all aspects of ICT such as software development, network infrastructure, e-commerce, Reporting & Analytics. In the past 10 years, Olf Uineken has played an important role in the (re)organization of the customer service and the underlying technical infrastructure. He makes a difference through his drive, ownership of opinion and persuasiveness and is the technical brain behind the Milkymap infrastructure and the art and science of designing and delivering valuable technology strategy.

Manon van Poelwijk

Manon van Poelwijk

My passion lies in connecting people with their environment, organizations with their customers. Making a difference by creating value.

This is part of my personal and working life. A long time ago I fell in love with South Africa, where, as a student, I was able to contribute making the education program and tourism more sustainable. Creating understanding by gaining insights, stimulating creativity and jointly arriving at solutions that are benefits for all parties.

In my work I do that by breaking through silos, connecting different disciplines with each other and with the customer. To achieve an optimal customer experience. My many years of experience in the field of customer experience, in which customer journey mapping always played an important connecting role, shows that it delivers value for both customer and business.

Bringing the voice of the customer into the organization, from strategy, business intelligence department to marketing and service, is really my and “our” thing. I do that with my head and heart!

Kevin Rhoe

Smart ideas and complex information, how can you best communicate them to someone else? With only bare data, the brain has to work very hard to understand the information. Powerful images clarify complexity in no time, giving our brain room for truly innovative actions. Exactly the reason why I playfully bring texts, graphs and concepts to life by means of images. This way I bring ‘the aha’ of insight and the smile with my work and I love that!

Kevin Rhoe
Magali Bil - Customer Experience Consultant

Magali Bil

My curiosity translates into a passion for many research-related topics. I like to combine different research methods and search for (new) tools and methods to get to the bottom of a research topic. After analyzing research results, I enjoy the challenge of clearly communicating findings with others.
Quality research can help organisations thoroughly understand their customers through their wants, needs, motivations, pain points etc. At Milkymap, I have the opportunity to guide companies through the creative process of coming up with improvement ideas, allowing them to add value for their customers through insights.