Support and input for the construction of a dashboard for insight into and to promote activation of the desired KPN customer experience.

KPN is a Dutch telecommunications company which started as a public company and is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Dutch government progressively privatized KPN starting in 1994.

Through visualization and communication we take the organization along on customer journey thinking road. Through a series of workshops in which we visualize, support the input for the construction of a taxonomy dashboard to help analyze and design the desired Customer Experience.

What KPN wondered:

  • Can Milkymap help us, with their knowledge, to design a dashboard in order to visualize the customer experience based on touch points, life cycle, channels and customer journeys.
  • Can we have a standardised blueprint that articulates a clear vision of the experience that the company seeks to create in support of the company’s corporate brand?
  • How can we setup the taxonomy and structure of the touch points?
  • How do we validate with stakeholders? How do we involve the business in order to create a strategy in support of the company’s vision, CX goals, resources and investments.

The solution of Milkymap

  • Based on previous Customer Journey Mapping workshops, Milkymap adviced on the best route to and set-up for a visualisation.
  • Support and advice with regard to the preparation of the taxonomy.
  • Support and advice regarding language use, word choices and slang. Guidance in regards to setting up the dashboard.
  • Advice on involving the business and implementation in the organization. Designing and delivering the visualization of the Customer Experience.


“There was a really good evaluation of what we needed. We were provided with some great creative options to visualize our ideas. Together we developed the final concept. The visuals are clear, playful, effective and support the vision we want to communicate”

Bo Kemp-Lakic – KPN – Strategic Advisor CX