Visualization for the implementation of Customer Journey Thinking Toolkit.

Liander is a Dutch utility company which operates in the distribution of electricity and natural gas in part of the Netherlands. Liander NV is the largest utility company in the Netherlands. Managing the energy network in several important provinces. Most of the energy comes from TenneT and Gasunie. Next to this, a lot of consumers and companies are delivering energy back to the grid.

Through visualization and communication we take the organization along on customer journey thinking road, through which we visualize, explain, open up to experiences, and thus roll out new ideas together within the Liander organization.

What Liander wondered:

  • What are the unambiguous views and definitions of customer travel, taxonomy, customer processes and touchpoints within Liander, namely the segments Consumer & Small Business, Large Business and (Marktpartijen)Market Parties?
  • Which unambiguous customer journeys, structure and design do we choose? What is the naming convention that we choose within Liander?
  • How can we present customer journeys witha clear structure and uniform design of information in a few illustrations and visualisations, so that the organization understands quickly and efficiently what customer journey thinking is?
  • What activities and initiatives are needed to ensure the rapid implementation of customer journey thinking within Liander? How do we implement customer travel thinking?

The Milkymap solution

  • Crafting the definitions of customer journeys, taxonomy, customer processes, objectives and touchpoints within Liander, namely for the segments Consumer & Small Business, Large Business partners.
  • Visualization according to a customized route of the 10 most important Customer Journey Maps, in which we standardized a main style for Liander.
  • Toolkit for communication, including all illustrated touchpoints and life cycles as separate images, to be used in presentations. A toolkit that includes a standardized Customer Experience language, communication plan, and advice to implement customer journey thinking.
  • Using the 6 step methodology for Customer Journey Mapping.