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The Milkymap CX Life Cycle Model: “A revolutionary operating model for Customer Centricity”. Multiple organisations, like ABN AMRO, KPN, Vattenfall, CZ, a.s.r. and VGZ use the model for insights, analyses, processes, logging, and managing Customer Experience. 

The CX Life Cycle Model provides organisations with a complete overview of the customer experience in each stage of the customer life cycle. All Customer Journeys can be connected to the model using contact reasons, making it an effective and scalable way to mature your Customer Centricity. In the E-book you can read all about the way the model is structured and its application possibilities.

For more information, please get in touch. Or schedule a demo of the model here. We can create a custom model for your organisation or we can implement a standard model for your line of business.

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Prioritize Customer Journey and analyze CX metrics

The CX Life Cycle Model® is at the core of the dashboard to continuously act based on Customer Experience. At a glance, the holistic framework provides you with an overview of the life cycle performance from a customer’s perspective. By zooming in on the Contact Reasons, you will find the connected Customer Journey(s). This allows you to work on improving the right Customer Journey, and achieve results that have a noticeable, positive impact on your customers. The CX Life Cycle Model® is a methodology registered by Milkymap.