‘If you want to go quickly, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.’ That is our philosophy when it comes to our partnerships. We share our experiences and we actively work together. We are proud of the partners who embark on an adventure with us to make the world of CX more beautiful, better and stronger. Will you join?

Data science

Data Driven CX

In a world where data is becoming increasingly important, it is necessary to be able to analyze and present both quantitative and qualitative data. With the help of technology and consultancy we (with our partners) are able to support organizations in complex CX data challenges.

Customer research

Always from a customer perspective

Curiosity is what we have in common with our partners who conduct quantitative and qualitative customer research. Together we arrive at insights that contribute to improving the customer experience. We always do this by involving the customer in the research. We use modern techniques ans state of the art platforms.

CX Consultancy

Concrete results

In multidisciplinary teams and with clients, our partners achieve results that matter. With thorough research and methods and techniques that set the organization in motion, objectives are achieved and the customer experience is truly permanently improved. The Milkymap platform fits in the approach of all our partners.

meet our partners

If you want to go far, go together

To deliver more added value and to combine smart solutions, we work together with high-quality partners. We have been doing this for years and will always continue to do so. Are you also interested in becoming a Milkymap partner? Then contact us.


Buro Improof

‘We help you to improve your customer experience. That is our passion and speciality! Not on paper, but in reality. Because that is the place where the difference is made. For your customers and for your business.’


‘CustomerGauge is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve and monetize the B2B customer experience. Our Account Experience(TM) platform automatically measures and analyzes feedback, reduces churn through close-loop tools, and helps retain accounts. Results are published and analyzed in real-time, using a highly customizable reporting tool, making it ideal for B2B businesses—from fast-growing SaaS companies to global enterprises.’

NOMAD Consulting

NOMAD Consulting

‘NOMAD Consulting helps small to medium business and corporate clients to become future proof, customer-centric organisations.

How? By building a strong digital strategy and excellent customer experience, aligned with organisational change and development of capabilities. Through powerful projectmanagement, focused on sustainable value creation.’

Ruigrok Netpanel

‘We believe that the world will get a little better if organizations act in the interests of the customer. Hence our motto “Eye for the customer”. We help clients to put their customer first. We do this by actively contributing to the demands of clients. By means of research we provide useful customer insights that clients can really use further.’

Nortsea Productions logo

Northsea Productions

At Northsea Productions we believe in the power of video. We are convinced video is one of the most powerful tools to realize an optimal customer experience in all stages of the customer journey. Video makes it possible to communicate with audiences in a more personal, focused and effective way. Video content gets easily found online, is easy to share and generally converts better than written content. Our partnership with Milkymap ensures that we can easily and effectively map client’s customer journeys. It helps us determine both the right form and content of videos – in line with the (desired) customer journey, branding and communication objectives.’


‘Enabling customers to use data driven insights to improve their customer experience is our passion. We are a young and enthusiastic team of data scientists and consultants. ‘


‘We are your sparring partner for customer and employee feedback! Home-made software and personal support provide the ideal mix.’

Koos Service Design Logo

Koos Service Design

To get ahead these days, you need to be a design-driven organisation. Koos works with organisations like yours to deliver services that people experience as pleasant and like to use. With our expertise in service design, data science, and UX, we bring your strategy to life and build customer-centric capacity within your team.’

Kirkman Company logo

Kirkman Company

Kirkman Company transforms organisations. They facilitate successful transformations of both public and private organisations. Headed for a 100% relevancy for all stakeholders: customers, employees, partners, environment, society and shareholders. Whether it concerns today’s challenges or the challenges of tomorrow, within a particular department or the organisation as a whole. Because there is always room for improvement or because things sometimes háve to change.



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