CX Strategie

Development of a strategy that articulates a clear vision of the experience that a company seeks to create in support of the company’s brand values, including its direct linkage to CX activities, resources and investments.


We interview stakeholders and translate this into the goals of the Customer Experience department, but also the goals of the organization itself. In workshops we discuss options and provide support in the various layers of the organization.



A substantiated and supported Customer Experience strategy that fits into the phase of the organization. A strategy that is supported by not only the management, but also other layers in the organization. The strategy report can be directly converted into a concrete project plan, for example a Customer Experience program or CX toolkit.

"We are now convinced that we're going to do things right. The results of working with conexperience are very concrete and colleagues are motivated to start with improving the customer experience."

Erik van Lunteren – Spotta

CX Measurement & ROI

Getting the facts and proof about customer satisfaction, loyalty and experience. Collection and measurement are done through surveys, qualitative interviews, analysis of existing data and measurements in the various channels.


We analyze existing and collect missing data. We visualize this data clearly and always from the perspective of the customer. An ROI report is part of the working method. The (financial) substantiation for Customer Experience initiatives creates support and evidence.



Readable reports and in-depth analyzes on existing and new data. Plus an ROI report with the (financial) substantiation for Customer Experience initiatives.

"We are really pleased with the results. With insights for improving the customer experience!"

Senior CX Manager – Telco

CX Culture and Adoption

Make sure the organization is ready and motivated to embrace the change. Because Customer Experience is not just a department or a project, but a continuous way of working throughout the organization, guiding the culture change is important. The adoption in the organization does not happen automatically.


With supervision of management and interventions in the organization, Conexperience ensures a culture change and adoption. With events such as Customer Arena and Customer Safari, Conexperience creates a sense of urgency and a sense of excitement in your employees who will learn the mindset and skills of a human centred approach to creating change and developing it into a long-term movement.



The employees in the organization know and feel that it is necessary to change. People accept the necessary culture change. The organization also understands why the change must take place and can start working on it.

"Well done danny peters and conexperience. We have gathered new insights for process improvements!"

Danny Decoster – Luminus