Milkymap Gets Investment Boost and Acquires Consultancy Firm


Platform targets data driven Customer Journey Design and brings Service Design, Customer Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Management together.

In February 2019, Milkymap entered the market offering worldwide users a tool for Customer Journey Mapping. A successful first round of investment will now take the tool to a new growth phase, giving Milkymap further space for innovation. The team will be expanded with consultants, developers, UX designers and a new office in the B. Amsterdam building, a dynamic startup community.

Who are the Business Angels?

Edwin Prijden, ex-board member of HeadFirst and Coos Keijser, co-founder and former managing partner of CMotions are the two investors that will also be injecting Milkymap with their know-how and expertise as part of its advisory board. Keijser believes in a ‘multidisciplinary  team and approach’ in order to achieve optimal results.

The Future

Milkymap is now used in more than 130 countries and is growing fast. The future plans contains connecting customer journey data with customer survey software, a corporate version of the tool with user management and more functionalities for Customer Experience professionals, such as templates, e-learning and collaboration. Taking the tool from exclusively customer journey visualization towards data driven Customer Experience. ‘We will better be able to help organizations on an international level. We compete with Customer Journey Mapping software , but also Customer Journey Orchestration software’ affirms Olf Uineken, Co-founder and CTO of Milkymap.


Milkymap has also added consultancy to their services, taking over all the methodologies and activities of consultancy firm Conexperience. In the coming months, they will transition current client projects. There will now be a consultancy department within Milkymap, where Danny Peters, former director and founder of Conexperience will take the lead to build onwards his methodologies. Peters asserts ‘We look forward to a rapid expansion and are very pleased with the investors.’

Danny Peters remains CEO and Olf Uineken CTO. The new advisory board includes Edwin Prijden and Coos Keijser.

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Milkymap is an initiative of MilkyWay D-Sign Factory in The Netherlands, agency that builds innovative tools for Customer Experience and founded by Danny Peters and Olf Uineken. Their portfolio also offers Contextmapp, a mobile app used for quantitative customer research