Milkymap launches new platform for enterprises: Milkymap Galaxy


Milkymap Galaxy, our unique enterprise Customer Journey Management platform, is live!

Data driven Customer Journey Management with the unique CX Life Cycle Model® and API data-connector in Milkymap Galaxy, the updated Milkymap platform especially for enterprises.
As of September 14th, Milkymap has launched Milkymap Galaxy, a new and innovative enterprises version of their Customer Journey Management platform. Customer Journey Management was never easier in complex environments with multiple Customer Journey Maps. This new platform included the Customer Journey Mapping tool where users can visualize, present, share and export their Customer Journey Maps easily. With one goals: improving customer experience. Because Milkymap believes that visualisation and actionable insights really help to understand and focus on the customer. Being able to step in the shoes of the customer is one of the key elements for improving customer experience. With adding a data connector, these visualisations come to life and a dashboard makes it possible to have actionable insights.

Multi-user for collaboration and Customer Journey Management
Danny Peters, co-founder and CEO, explains: ‘With this new version we can serve large(r) enterprises with a scalable version of our Customer Journey Management platform. We have added a multi-user environment, an admin module for standard definitions, templates and our unique CX Life Cycle Model.’ Organizations can collaborate, share Customer Journey Maps and present Customer Journey Maps from others (if published). The admin manages the users in the organization and can invite new users and viewers within seconds.

Milkymap Galaxy
Milkymap Galaxy

Manage CX with real-time data from other platforms
The market asked for a dashboard with real-time data from other platforms, visualized in the Customer Journey Maps in Milkymap and the umbrella, the CX Lifge Cycle Model®, we call this dashboard the CX Actionboard®. Olf Uineken, co-founder and CTO, continues, ‘Next to a multi-user environment, we did something amazing; we delivered a data-connector, a secure API, which can connect with CX metrics data from other platforms. This gives the C-suite the possibility to look at all the relevant CX metrics and steer real-time on CX, from a customer perspective.’ This add-on has been built in 2020 and complies with all GDPR regulations.

Milkymap Galaxy

CX Life Cycle Model®
When organizations are mapping Customer Journey’s on large scale, which means there are more than 5 Customer Journey Maps with different users, they feel the need for a holistic framework, what is called CX Life Cycle Model® by Milkymap. Every single Customer Journey Map in the organization is connected to the model, so that the CX manager can see, monitor and manage multiple Customer Journey Maps. Our users asked for this feature because they experience challenges when having more brands, more products and more customer segments. E.g. when you have 4 brands within your enterprise, retail and business customers and several types of products that have multiple types of Customer Journey’s, there is a need for one model that connects them all. Milkymap delivered this!

cx actionboard
Milkymap Galaxy

Especially for enterprises
Larger organizations are experiencing an increase of Customer Journey Maps within their organization. The challenges are to manage, monitor, harmonize and connect all those Customer Journey Maps. Then to prioritize with real time data from survey platforms and other CX data connectors. Milkymap Galaxy starts from 10 users and solves the challenges as described above. With years of experience in supporting organizations to effectively use Customer Journey Management.

In 2017 Olf Uineken (CTO) and Danny Peters (CEO) started Milkymap with the dream to serve the world with the SaaS platform Milkymap. They needed exactly three years to have users in 130+ countries, 7 colleagues, an office in Amsterdam and now the go live of the enterprise version.


For more information, visit or contact Danny Peters, +31622050520.